"You've done an amazing job not just with the house, but helping me realize a lifelong quest for a comfortable place in my life. It's been a 50 year journey and I look forward to however many years I have left in the house that Nate built." -- Steve Kleinberg

"Nate has a terrific eye for detail and is not satisfied unless things are done just right. When the work was completed, you could not tell at all that our house has not always been this way. Everyone that has seen it has been so impressed as well. We feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Nate and look forward to using his expertise again."
-- Hannah and Eric Choi

"Phil and I want to tell you how much we appreciate your help. You were just terrific - you gave us good advice, made sure everything was done well and even gracefully helped us through several anxious moments.

As you know, we have looked forward to having this work done for several years and we could not be more pleased with the results."
-- Phil and Lin Putnam

"While we never envisioned the work that was needed, neither did we imagine the potential of this old house; and would not have, but for your knowledge, hard work and attention to detail. We want you to know how much we appreciate what you have accomplished here."
-- Alvin and Susan Epstein

"I am so pleased with the kitchen results. Keep up the good work!"
-- Beth Butz

'I was briefly at the house yesterday. Things are looking very good. I am even amazed at how you have been able to get anything done, with all the rain. Maybe you work between the drops!"
-- Tony Perry

"Thanks so much for springing into action for us on the roof job - From the pictures it looks really beautiful. . . We really appreciate you!"
-- Richard Green

"Words cannot express how thrilled we are with the kitchen. It was wonderful working with you. You listened to us and then worked your magic. Thanks so much!"
-- Judy Peterson

"Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us. And. . . you were right! The cost for the remodel was so prohibitive that we've decided to look for a new house instead of putting on the addition. It was refreshing to work with someone so honest, even though it ended up costing you the work. We'll be calling you once we're in our new home!"
-- Ben and Joanne Keener